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Where is Wikka created?

globe The CreditsPage Wikka Labs are located somewhere between Germany, Madagascar, the Netherlands, France, the US and the UK.
There has been a lot of discussion on Wikka about internationalization and multi-language support, which begs the question:
Where are Wikka users located?

Wikka Users Locations:

<please add here your location ... >

Usermap software
It would be nice to create a user map. Check the following links for examples: Nice static usermap by continent - source not available
Yabb membermap
Idem - it's a Perl module for the Yabb forum
Flash map for phpnuke - source not available

  • last link doesn't show any map for me - anyone else have that problem? -- JW
    • Works fine for me on Mac OS X + Safari - have you installed a flash plugin? -- DarTar
  • Ah. No Flash (I don't do Flash, actively or passively) -- JW
    • Maybe you know of a good Java alternative ;) -- DarTar

Any suggestions on an easy way to create a user map?
  • Specifying latitude and longitude would be a start (so I did) -- JavaWoman
    • Uhm, I think there is a lot of software of this kind around, mostly Flash or Java - see these links
      Next step: a usermap Wikka action! -- DarTar

  • Just stumbled onto an awesome mapping service - maybe we could somehow "borrow" from that?
    I found it via a map thumbnail on a blog page, which linked to this map (just to show you an example) where you can "zoom" into continents as well. See links at the bottom to HitMaps and BuddySpace for how this is done.
    (Needless to say, I immediately added this to my travel blog!)
    -- JavaWoman

  • More pages about mapping that someone just pointed me to: FreeGIS and MapServer - note the mention of PHP on the last.

  • The Yabb-Mod mentioned above unfortunatly is not licensed under the GPL, I would translate it to php if it were.
But an action for this would be really cool, I will start thinking about the how and the when :) Since I have been bored a lot lately chances are not to bad I will come up with something soon.

  • Google just released Google Maps API, perhaps we can use it to track Wikka's users? But it's still in beta state. --PivWan

  • A free service that allows the creation of usermaps through Google Maps API and allows integration into external websites:
    And here's a test usermap: MyMaps at
    -- DarTar
      • Hmm, the location of JsnX on those two maps is rather different, DarTar... I think the one on the MapBuilder map is (more) correct. But that map is otherwise a bit behind the times. Care to update it a little? Or maybe just remove that one and correct JsnX's location on your test map... --JavaWoman

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