[Feb 18, 2005] Freemind and Wikka Files

Pickup your copy of FreeMind 0.8 RC2, find a bug and report it here, and then do something cool with it: How about WikkaSystemFilesMM?


[Jan 30, 2005] Why I'm a Wikka Fan?

I stumbled on to Wikka after spending some time comparing different Wiki engines. I am using tikiwiki at work however I really liked the straight forward interface of Wikka, speed, msql backend, wikiedit support, and now, skins feature. What really hooked me was Freemind integration, though. (I hope) Wikis and MindMaps will become a powerful combination. I really think Wikka Devs should exploit this feature-- more on this later. I think Wikka's niche is the "personal wiki" and the integration with other "personal" systems like WordPress for blogging could be used to create a nifty personal publishing kit.

Just some thoughts for now.


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