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=====Map of Users=====

>>===Where is Wikka created?===

{{image class="left" url="images/icons/48x48/gnome-globe.png" alt="globe" title="Wikka Developer Map"}} The [[CreditsPage Wikka Labs]] are located somewhere between Germany, Madagascar, the Netherlands, France, the US and the UK.
~-Visit the [[ Wikka Developer Map]]. ([[GoogleMap code]])
>>There has been a lot of discussion on Wikka about internationalization and multi-language support, which begs the question:
Where are Wikka users located?
~&And perhaps: what is their native language ;) -- DarTar
~~&And what other languages spoken/read/understood?' -- JavaWoman''

===Wikka Users Locations:===
~-JsnX -- [[ Hallowell]], Maine, USA [ [[ Aerial Photo of Hallowell]] ] ''... I speak English ... somewhat fluently. ''
~-DarTar -- [[,+Camden,+Greater+London,+EC1,+UK&ie=UTF8&ll=51.519799,-0.105743&spn=0.028146,0.091667&om=1 London]], UK ''(Italian native speaker, fluent French and English, maar ook een beetje Nederlands)''
~-GmBowen -- [[*- Fredericton]], New Brunswick, Canada ''(speaker of often garbled English)''
~-JavaWoman -- [[ Amsterdam (practically smack in the middle of that map)]] (52°22' N, 4°53' E), [[ Netherlands]] (nice page although with a few minor factual errors) ''... native language Dutch, non-native a couple of others (English and German best, also (some) French, Friesian, Spanish - and I can still count to ten in Farsi :))''
~-LaurentBurgbacher -- [[ Lausanne]], Switzerland ''(native language French, a bit of english, a little bit of german, fluent in [[ esperanto]])''
~-NilsLindenberg -- Göttingen, Germany ''(native language German, fluent in English and some Italian)''
~-ChiWaWa -- [[ Vernon]], France ''(native language French, fluent in technical English, a few words in german and japanese)''
~-KickTheDonkey -- [[ Acworth, Ga]] (suburb of Atlanta), United States. ''native English speaker (that is not to say that I speak it well). I know enough Spanish to get myself into a fight, but not enough to talk myself out of it.''
~-BarkerJr -- Connecticut, USA (English and a little Spanish)
~-YanB -- mostly in Paris (19e), France. Theoretically native in Spanish and French and fluent in English.
~-FernandoBorcel -- Guadalajara, Mexico. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, ''Spanish as native language and fluent in English. Userbase is Spanish.''. Will fight anyone who knows enough Spanish to get himself into a fight :lol:
~-KarmaTester -- Miami, FL. USA. English and enough Spanish to qualify for above stated fight. Ciao, Bebe.
~-MikeXstudios -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Native language: English. Can speak Chinese. I can read some French and use simple phrases like: Bon!
~-IvanLanin -- Jakarta, Indonesia. Native language: Indonesia, Other language: English.
~-EgilHelland -- Oslo, Norway. Native language: Norwegian. Fluent in English, understands German :)
~-TimoK -- Stuttgart, Germany. Native language: German. I speak english and I can read a little spanish, dutch and latin ;)
~-PivWan -- Issy les Moulineaux (near Paris), France. Theoretically native in french, fluent in english and a little german.
~-GeorgePetsagourakis -- Rethynmno, Crete, Hellas. Language Skills : Hellenic, English, French, little Spanish.
~-DotMG -- Antananarivo, Madagascar. Native language: Malagasy. I speak french and I have a (very) bad english.
~-JasRandal -- São José dos Campos, Brazil (near São Paulo). Native language: English: Other: fluent in Portuguese.
~-OmuzAdmin -- Istanbul, Turkey. Native language: Turkish Others: German, English.
~-YvesFischer -- Germany, Freiburg i. Brsg. Native language: German Others: English.
~- OnegWR -- [[ Brussels]], [[ Belgium]]. Native language: Dutch. Others: English, French and a little German.
~- KiltanneN -- New Zealand 41º 00S, 174º 00E, Currently living in New Jersey , USA. Native language: English - other languages, none apart from American ;-) but I can say hello and goodbye in lots...
~- PeterPike -- Brisbane Australia, Currently living in Singapore. Native language: English - other languages, none. Absolutely love what you guys have done....
~- RalphThesen -- Bonn, Germany. Native Language: German, Other Languages: English.
~- NeoNeurone -- Belfort, France. Native language: Vietnamese. Other languages: French, English and Spanish. Can help with high-level design work and a little bit coding.
~- DennyShimkoski -- Mclean, Virginia, USA. Native language: English. Also understand: ONE MILLION (punches in the face).
~- NanoBit -- Ulm, Germany. Native language: German, other languages: English, personal website: [[ DigitalFotoKunst]]
~-SpectreMoo -- Alameda, CA, USA. Native language: English. I can read/write a very small amount of Russian.
~-GiorgosKontopoulos -- Chios, Chios, Greece. Languages: Greek, English, a little spanish.
~-RogerD -- Christchurch, New Zealand. English (or at least the kiwi version of it) and a smattering of handy local phrases in a few languages e.g. "One beer please" and "No, I don't want another fake Rolex" (ok, so that's only useful in certain Asia backstreets).
~-CharlotteFischer -- Oakland County, Michigan (Detroit suburbs). ''(Native Language: English ... I recall someone saying that if you speak three languages you're tri-lingual, if you speak two languages you're bi-lingual, and if you speak one language, you're American ... I'm American and I envy those of you who can speak other languages!)''
~-TonZijlstra -- Enschede, Netherlands. Native language Dutch, fluent in English and German, basic French, understand Frisian.
~-NickDamoulakis -- Born in Canea, Crete, GREECE, live in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Greek, English, German, bits of Italian and French, fragments of Chinese. Terrible accent in each and every one of them! :-)
~-RyeBread -- Massachusetts, USA. Native: English (Americanized). Practiced: Spanish (Costa Rican) and German. Interested: Esperanto.
~-IanHayhurst -- Bracknell, Berkshire UK. Native language: English ''(embarasingly little of anything else)''
~-ChrisH -- Lakewood, CO Native: English (and I know a little Australian as well)
~-JonathanMitchem -- Springfield, MO, USA. Native: English. Formally studied: French. Informally studied: Esperanto, Italian, Russian, Chinese
~-PietroSperoni -- Roma, Italy; Jena, Germany. Native: Italian. Formally studied: English. Embarassingly bad studied: French. (Note: although I now live in Germany I speak no German)
~-LordMax -- Turin, Italy. Native: Italian. Formally studied: English. bad : French. Really bad : Spanish
~-RolandStens -- Vancouver, BC Canada. Native language: Dutch. Fluent in English, adequate in German, pathetic in French and a naive amateur in a few more languages (mainly enough to get myself drunk, fed or a hotel).
~-SiDoNeY -- Sydney, Australia. English only (although some would call it Strine).
~-WigAnt -- Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Born in the Netherlands, native language: Dutch. Fluent in English and German, some knowledge of French and Spanish.
~-TormodHaugen -- Haugesund, Norway. Native language: Norwegian, probably fluent in English.
~-SanTiago -- [[Chile]], SouthAmerica.Native language [[Spanish]]. Practiced: english
~-DevNet -- Midlothian, Virginia, USA - a suburb of Richmond, VA. I speak English and Spanish.
~-BulletCard -- [[,+TX&ie=UTF8&om=1 Austin]], Texas, USA. I speak English, a little French, and even less Russian.
~-LadySerena -- Converse, Texas, USA - Owner of [[ Varus Online]].
~-YodaHome -- Magdeburg, Germany. Native language: German. Fluent english, understand some French.
~-DbieL -- Suburb east of Los Angeles, California, USA - Native language: English
~-KlausBrune -- Carson, California, USA (the South Bay area of Los Angeles) -- Native language: English
~-LeMat -- Madrid, Spain (Barrio de las Letras) -- Native spanish... from Argentina. Speaks spanish and english
~-JoeWalker -- Toowoomba, Australia -- English
~-DavePreston -- [[ Chorley]], Lancashire, UK -- Native language: English, reasonable in French
~-BlackSun -- Istanbul, Turkey -- Native Language: Turkish -- [[ : wikipedi style but realy free wiki site.]]
~-BaxilDragon -- Grass Valley, CA, USA (northeast of Sacramento) - Native language: English
~-MasinAlDujaili -- Berlin, Germany - Native language: German. Speaks also English
~-DaC -- near Bonn, Germany - Native language: German, fluent English, very good Spanish, a little French :-)
~-WillyPs -- Pembroke, New Hampshire, USA. Speaking English only, with a bit of a Maine accent ;)
~-BrianKoontz -- [[,+TX&ie=UTF8&om=1 Garland]], Texas, USA. Native language: English. Very rudimentary Spanish.
~-WyRd -- Hickory, North Carolina, USA. Native language: English. Everyone here says I have an accent. :)
~-KairoMiami -- Basel, Switzerland. Going for Genfusion with, a page for New genetics and New Bioethics. I Speak German, English, French and Swedish
~-PaulP -- Taos, New Mexico. (36N24 105W34) -- English, French, just enough Spanish, Russian and Mandarin to get seriously confused.
~-RichardMartinNielsen -- Ottawa, Canada. English, French, fragments of German and even less Hungarian.
~-KyAnh -- SaiGon, Vietnam. Native language: Vietnameese. Other: English, French.
~-PeterPaon -- [[,+France&ie=UTF8&om=1&ll=48.894067,2.351074&spn=0.171546,0.43602&z=11 Paris]], France. Native language: French (with a British accent), English (with a French accent). Others : Italian, [[ TokiPona]] and a wee bit of spanish.
~-IsMn -- Athens, Greece -- Languages: Greek, English, French, German
~-BillB -- Boston, USA -- Language: English. slight French
~-VincentMayoux -- Toulouse, France -- French (native language), English (fluent), Spanish (almost fluent), German (some)
~-Pezhore -- Rochester, NY, USA -- Language: English, C++
~-JensGiesemann -- [[ Oldenburg]], Deutschland -- German (OEM), English, French
~-OsdeInfo -- LGW,UK -- Language: English, PHP
~-EnginS -- Turkey -- Language: Turkish
~-AdamBullmer -- US - Language: English
~-UnOr -- Germany -- Language: German (native), English
//<please add here your location ... >//

==Usermap software==
It would be nice to create a user map. Check the following links for examples:
[[]] ''Nice static usermap by continent - source not available''
[[;action=mmall;defmap=Europe Yabb membermap]] ''Idem - it's a [[;action=display;num=1090168769;start=14 Perl module]] for the Yabb forum''
[[]] ''Flash map for phpnuke - source not available''

~&last link doesn't show any map for me - anyone else have that problem? -- JW
~~&Works fine for me on Mac OS X + Safari - have you installed a flash plugin? -- DarTar
~&Ah. No Flash (I don't do Flash, actively or passively) -- JW
~~&Maybe you know of a good Java alternative ;) -- DarTar

Any suggestions on an easy way to create a user map?
~&Specifying latitude and longitude would be a start (so I did) -- JavaWoman
~~&Uhm, I think there is a lot of software of this kind around, mostly Flash or Java - see these [[ links]] --- Next step: a **usermap Wikka action**! -- DarTar

~&Just stumbled onto an awesome mapping service - maybe we could somehow "borrow" from that? --- I found it via a map thumbnail on a blog page, which linked to [[ this map]] (just to show you an example) where you can "zoom" into continents as well. See links at the bottom to [[ HitMaps]] and [[ BuddySpace]] for how this is done. --- (Needless to say, I immediately added this to my [[ travel blog]]!) --- -- JavaWoman

~&More pages about mapping that someone just pointed me to: [[ FreeGIS]] and [[ MapServer]] - note the mention of PHP on the last.--- --JavaWoman

~&The Yabb-Mod mentioned above unfortunatly is not licensed under the GPL, I would translate it to php if it were.
But an action for this would be really cool, I will start thinking about the how and the when :) Since I have been bored a lot lately chances are not to bad I will come up with something soon. --- --TimoK

~&Google just released [[ Google Maps API]], perhaps we can use it to track Wikka's users? But it's still in beta state. --PivWan
~~& Google likes Beta-status :) But I've opened up GoogleMap. --NilsLindenberg

~&A free service that allows the creation of usermaps through Google Maps API and allows integration into external websites: --- And here's a test usermap: ""<a href="" target="_parent"><img src="" alt="MyMaps at" width="80" height="15" border="0"></a>"" --- -- DarTar
~~& Forget about this, it is so much better to directly use the Google Maps API, as suggested by PivWan and NilsLindenberg. Here's a [[ first test]] of a ##""{{googlemap}}""## action -- DarTar
~~~& Hmm, the location of JsnX on those two maps is rather different, DarTar... I think the one on the ""MapBuilder"" map is (more) correct. But that map is otherwise a bit behind the times. Care to update it a little? Or maybe just remove that one and correct JsnX's location on your test map... --JavaWoman

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