Roland Stens


I am Roland Stens and I have been using wakka and now wikka for quite some time.
Currently, I am experimenting with Wikka at this location.

I have also been playing with different ways of cacheing using jpcache and the ADODB database cache.
If you have done similar things and want to exchange ideas, you can reach me here.

I have just posted a little bit of code to include Wikipedia content in your pages.

And you'll also find V2.1 of the WikiBreadcrumb that I created in order to support non-logged in users and to avoid writing to and reading from the database where this is not really necessary.

Check out the newly added Highlight Searched-for Text - Highlights text in your page that was searched for with TextSearch, Google or Yahoo page.

2008/02/11: I've created some code for Mantis Bugtracking to integrate Mantis with Wikka. See . Also see WikkaIntegration.

Share on LinkedIn Added the ShareOnLinkedIn Action.

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