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I stumbled across WikkaWiki as I was looking for a light-weight, easy to handle, extendable and search engine friendly wiki system for an upcoming niche wiki. So far the system looks nice to me and appreciate the great work you guys put into this project.

What I don't like is the Categoration system as it is a little un-intuitive but once you understood how it works, it works fine. A thing of which I am afraid of is the maintenance effort to sort out the user input e.g. putting the created pages into the correct categories. But time will tell! Any tips on this subject are appreciated!

Beside the Wiki I am also running a blog which deals with ham radio related topics.

Recently my wiki (which unfortunately is still under construction) got flodded by spambots. Those spambots registered and changed a lot of pages by just adding a random set of characters to the top of the corresponding page. Additionally all umlauts were busted. Is there any hack / action which requires newly registered user to click on a confirmation link to be able to post / modify pages to prevent those automatic changes?

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