I am a long time computer programmer (since before there was such a thing as Windows or even MS-DOS) and an Apache/PHP/MySQL developer for a few years now, using a variety of IDEs (Zend Studio, MacroMedia Dreamweaver (yes, pre-Adobe), and my favorite, ActiveState Komodo).

I'm relatively new to the whole concept of a wiki (I've been a control freak with my websites for the most part, either writing PHP/MySQL "from scratch" or using content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, WordPress. For tutoring and online lessons, I typically use Moodle).

With all the various wikis out there, what really prompted my arrival here is the link from FreeMind... Yup. Big mind-mapping fan here. Stay tuned in long enough and I"ll probably put one right here. Though I do find myself working more often with the "pro" MindMapping software. Primarily Inspiration but for those times when I need to interface with Microsoft Project, I'll revert to MindManager

All for now,

Home page: http://www.HesitantRhino.com

Other Projects...


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