Who I am

I work for a non-profit in SW Montana called Project Vote Smart, providing unbiased and nonpartisan political data to the public for over 40,000 political candidates. We use Wikka internally as a data store. I also use an "invisible wiki" to host content about my automotive performance company. I've been an open source advocate for many years, and try to use open source whenever possible. My contributions to Wikka is a token of my appreciation for a great OSS application maintained and supported by a very knowledgeable group of individuals.

I am a member of the Wikka development team. I help out with general site maintenance, various development and server maintenance tasks, and whatever other issues in the issues database catch my interest. Some of my contributions are listed below.

Why I'm here

I've worked my way through several versions of the Wakka->Wacko->Wikka progeny line. Wakka dead-ended on me, while my Russian never did get any better with Wacko (no, I don't speak Russian, which made it very difficult to work with Wacko beyond the level of an end user). I'm currently using Wikka to host internal content for a client with my consulting business. I would like to see, at some point down the road, a merger of the best of features in both Wacko and Wikka...I believe both have their strong points, and it would be such a waste to see features in one lost on the other.

Wikka stuff

Plugins I've written

Other stuff I've written

Skunkworks (stuff I'm researching)

Stuff others have written that I've found useful

Stuff I'd like to implement if/when I get the time

Other interesting Wikka stuff

Contact info

Brian Koontz
brian [at] wikkawiki [dot] org

GPG fingerprint: 3C07 EF05 E8AB 9305 B2C2 A8D1 DE08 41E6 60AF DF6F

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