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It's absolutely marvelous the work you have done to create this wiki software. Very easy to install, very easy to use, very easy to configure. Well, the only thing I miss is i18n support, but maybe it's there and I didn't have time to see it yet ;-). Thanks!

FR : Wikka est un outil remarquable pour le non informaticien que je suis. Il s'installe sans peine chez des hébergeurs tels que ou Je le fais tourner sur mon PowerBook en un clin d'oeil. La francisation de l'interface publique est très accessible. J'en ai trois usages : rédaction de livres à plusieurs mains, partage d'ordinogrammes de type freemind, constitution de bases de connaissances. Bravo, 1024 fois. EN : Sorry for english speakers, but french users have to discover this fantastic engine too!

For awhile I was using the Wikka Wiki and my moleskine, which wasn’t a bad combo but as my projects and next actions started to build up, managing next actions and project pages in the Wiki became cumbersome.

Jay, who is big into wiki projects, is recommending TWiki although he is currently using Wikka.



I wanted to add some functionality to my WakkaWiki site, but found that they disappeared. Upgrading to Wikka gave me all the features that I wanted, and a bunch more.
Good job all!

Now we found Jason Tourtelotte, who started Wikka. Wikka is what WakkaWiki should have been, he says. Good job!

But Wikka is still actively being developed, bugs are being fixed etc.
The lack of that was the main reason for me to move from Wakka.
The PHP-code of Wikka stays closer to the way the original Wakka code has been written and I find that (personal opinion) code easier to understand than the Wacko code.

My first try with a Wiki was the WakkaWiki, the next logical step was to change to Wikka. And so i did.

WikkaWiki is also much faster than MediaWiki. I tried that for a little while, and found that it was too slow. Anyway, I like how there's so much development going into WikkaWiki.
Thanks for the good work.


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