Per Brian's complaint/suggestion to "keep things here" and to get around the issues with trying to troubleshoot and document things within the limts of the 'Comment' actions .... I'm starting this page, still noting that I still don't find this the easiest or best way to try to handle this kind of 'coversation' .....

Comments / Dialog thus far
copied from the UpgradeNotes page Comments

Hi Guys, I updated to from ... the update screen went "OK" and everything checked out fine. When I went to my site all I got was "Page was generated in 0.0141 seconds" ... that is all, no info, no site, just that one single line.

How do I fix this?

Thank you for your time and help!
-- KeitH (2007-05-10 21:10:17)
Have you checked out this link?

I noticed that the hosting provider is inserting a frame, which might be causing some problems.
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-10 22:36:12)
Thank you BrianKoontz... I looked into that and tried it and I still get a page with only the "page generated" time. I copied my backed-up wikka.php from and it gave me an "upgrade" screen on loading the site. I switched it back to the original wikka.php and I am now back to square one again. The site is hosted on my uncles server and he doesn't include frames (at least from what he has told me). Its nothing fancy. If I had a guess it might be some security option he has enabled possibly? He has the latest and greatest PHP and MySQL versions running and everything checked out on the upgrade screens. Any and all suggestions are very welcome at this point. Many thanks for your time and help!
-- KeitH (2007-05-11 01:31:58)
If you look at the HTML source of the blank page, you'll see an embedded frame. That was the frame I was talking about.

I'll do some more testing with to see if I can replicate your problem.
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-11 10:01:58)
Hmm, indeed ... thank you BrianKoontz. I also contacted my uncle about it, Im not very good when it comes to PHP and a second pair of eyes always helps. Thank you for looking into this. :)
-- KeitH (2007-05-11 11:29:51)
KiethH ... what is currently seen;

05/11/07 21:14:27 Browsing
Fetching ...
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Content-Length: 0

However, this all there is ... there is no location offered for the 302 redirect .....

One possible issue is the configuration file .. the next being the .htaccess file ... one of them currently "pointing" to a non-existent location .... that is unless you have something else going on at the moment ....
-- WazoO (2007-05-11 23:07:03)

'base_url' => '',

Could the "~" be causing the snag? .. .htaccess didn't seem to point to anything. Should it? Here is what it looks like under all the pron "bad referral" stuff:

<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
# turn on rewrite engine
RewriteEngine on
# if request is a directory, make sure it ends with a slash
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} -d
RewriteRule ^(.*/[^/]+)$ $1/
# if not rewritten before, turn request into a query for wikka.php
RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !wakka=
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ wikka.php?wakka=$1 [QSA,L]

-- KeitH (2007-05-11 23:35:30)
Quick glance .. the 'base_url' doesn't seem right ... you've actually got more of a 'command' in there .... I don't know the structure of your system, but ....

The '~' character is fairly standard for an ISP hosting 'virtual' domains .. typically the 'freeed' part is 'your' account's web space area ...

If you nstalled this wikka in the 'root' folder and there is no other .PHP, .HTML, etc. file sitting there, then I would suggest that the 'base_url' definition should read;
'base_url' => '',

What I would have suggested way back when would be that you'd have installed this application into its own folder/directory, which then also would have then wanted to see something more like;

'base_url' => '',

hope this helps ...
-- WazoO (2007-05-12 23:20:21)

Oh, that would make since... I wonder if the updater (since I ran it from and NOT if the updater put in that tid-bit of code? Hmm... I'll try it tonight when I get home. I think that might be it... I wonder if my domain name masking/forwarding from is causing the issue?... would it be advisable to either take out that tid-bit of info from the config file, OR just delete it all (except the config file) and try the updater again from the "proper location"?

Thank you for your help on this WazoO! I would have never of looked at this. :)
-- KeitH (2007-05-14 10:52:32)
Hi guys, I tried re-upgrading it again tonight (after the config file change failed to work). I ran the update from my host directly this time. Sadly ended up with the same results. Though this time I took screen shots to show whats going on during this. Any obvious errors? ... I notice the updater is still putting in that "wikka.php?wakka=" to the config file:

Many thanks once again.
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 00:02:39)
Answer to this is simply too complicated for this Comment type dialog. I am actually going to toss up data, questions, etc. in an actual support Forum ...
please see
-- WazoO (2007-05-15 06:33:52)

KeitH, have you checked your error logs? Both php and apache logs? This type of error is what I would expect to see if an internal error prevented the Run() function from being called in wikka.php.

Sometimes, a process of elimination is the best way to approach a problem like this. First step I would take is to move .htaccess out of the way, set your base_url to "http:<yourdomain>/wikka.php?wakka=", and set "rewrite_mode" to 0 in wikka.config.php. Given that there seems to be some sort of redirection issues, this would be my first step if this was my system. Keep rewrite_mode disabled so you can see the actual links being generated.
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-15 09:17:08)
Thank you BrianKoontz and WazoO! ... Getting an answer from my uncle is like pulling teeth. He's just too busy playing WoW to check for me. I think at this point I should "invest" in Yahoo hosting or some other paid service. Is it easy to move the MySQL database over? ... which one is more time consuming: 1) moving to a new host or 2) fixing the current weird problem on his end?

My file structure is standard, the account only has wikkawiki files. I think it has to be something on his server?, all though he says its just MySQL and PHP, no bells or whistles. Moving to something "standard" might be the best option at this point. What do you recommend? I am sorry this problem is so vague. Is there any specific screen shots or info I should post? ... should I just zip the darn thing up and let everyone dissect it? Its nothing weird, all standard install files, thats why I think its something bogus on my uncles end. But I just don't understand how it can work perfectly as and then not work in either OR ... was the change difference that major? Thank you again for your time and help.
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 14:45:40)
WazoO: And by creating two separate threads on the same issue on two different sites (one of which is completely unrelated to WikkaWiki), issues are suddenly less complicated? It seems to me your offer of assistance would be much more valuable if it wasn't separated from the original issue as posted...

KeitH: Without access to error logs and other details, it's a bit hard to diagnose. I think there have been several good suggestions posted here that will get you started down the right path, but if you don't have enough access to the system to put any of these suggestions to use, then it just becomes a guessing game.

Decent hosting sites that give you full access to your own virtual space are cheap...anywhere from $5/month on up. It might be worth your time to check a couple out as an alternative if you can't get access to your current system.
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-15 14:51:00)
Hmm... good point. I think I only have ftp and basic telnet access. I feel naive asking this, but where can I find these logs?

I'll look into other hosts tonight. Thank you again for all your help and suggestions.
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 15:14:29)
Uhh... my uncle just wrote me back here is what he said:

"I got about 50 entries of the following error message:

[Tue May 15 15:24:01 2007] [error]
PHP Warning: Wakka::include() [<a

Failed opening 'actions/footer.php' for inclusion
(include_path='usr/local/lib/php') in

I think I got an idea."

Then he sent me this:

"ln -s ../actions actions

You should move the directory over though, I don't
know how stable the sym link will be.

Your actions directory needs to be inside your libs
directory inside freeed.

I told you there was nothing wrong with my server :)"

Now is this something that the updater did?
I just followed the update instructions per the site details (copy new files, run the site, update, etc).

This obviously doesn't make since to me, but now the site seems to be working.
(except I forgot to put in my old css file so it looks weird right now)
I hope this information is helpful for future releases of Wikkawiki.
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 18:19:02)
He also just sent me this:


I don't know if I got them all. If you get any weird
bugs, just move more directories forward.

Note I made sym links instead of moving them because I
didn't want to risk breaking any other dependencies
since I'm not familiar with the wikka install
structure. sym links are like shortcuts in windows.
To make a symlink, type in the telnet prompt:

ln -s <path> symlinkname

to delete one, simply type:

"rm symlinkname" while in the correct directory.

Never use wildcards until your pro. "rm *" will nuke
everything, very fast, without any yes/no confirmation
whatsoever :)"

Now, this doesn't sound like very standard Wikkawiki procedure, is the installer bugged? What does this mean exactly? Do we need to open up a ticket in the version tracker?
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 18:23:48)
I found it also interesting that the recent changes was different depending on where the update was from:

Mon, 14 May 2007:
(21:12 PDT) [history] - SysInfoWikkaInstaller (unregistered user) [Upgrading from to]
(21:12 PDT) [history] - FormattingRulesWikkaInstaller (unregistered user) [Upgrading from to]

Thu, 10 May 2007:
(18:28 PDT) [history] - SysInfoWikkaInstaller (unregistered user) [Upgrading from to]

The first time on May 10th was updated from (which only changed the sysinfo)
The second attempt on May 14th from included sysinfo and formatting rules (but when you click on formatting rules, its just blank). Very strange

Is this an issue with the updater or just my uncles server being weird?
-- KeitH (2007-05-15 19:06:07)
It sounds like an installation problem. If you want, you can tar everything up and send it to me to look at (if you include the wikka.config.php file, delete your MySQL username and password first). From telnet, you can do something like:

cd /usr/home/freeed/public_html
tar -cvzf wikka.tgz .

Use ftp to copy it over to your local computer, then send the wikka.tgz file as an attachment to brian at
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-16 12:13:56)
Sure thing BrianKoontz, I'll try to tar it up tonight when I get home from work. My uncle set it up that I can only telnet from my computer at home (IP). Thank you for offering to look into this. Your time and help is greatly appreciated.
-- KeitH (2007-05-16 13:59:11)
"WazoO: And by creating two separate threads on the same issue on two different sites (one of which is completely unrelated to WikkaWiki), issues are suddenly less complicated? It seems to me your offer of assistance would be much more valuable if it wasn't separated from the original issue as posted..."

well, as noted, the response included multiple parses, bunches of data ... I did state the reason for doing what I did .... this posting into the comments section is not really kind for all that ....

the offer for help stands, no matter where it's posted.

the 'wikka/wiki' section on that other support forum has existed for quite a while for 'that' installation of this tool 'there' .. however, participation is limited to those folks that are active .... the offer made here and in some e-mail to go ahead and open up 'my' support section for 'our' wiki for a place to do wikka support was rejected .... yet, tickets are still open, requests / suggestions are still floating around for a better tool to use for support issues ....

whatever, I made the attempt to help ....

this last statement implies that I wouldn't be able to FTP in, your suggestions may yet be confusing, as it's hard telling where the folder/directory may be located in actuality .. the string "Server: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix)" doesn't sound like much of anything "current" ..... and the confusion thus far on 'where things are located' doesn't bode well <g> ....

'We' also don't know of other various server configurations that may or may not be in place .... for example, has the .htaccess / mod-rewrite function actually been enabled for the <DIRECTORY> that this last install placed things? Is this an issue of the user's data input or something from the latest version of the install routine ... described as the "auto-discover" routines?

Again, I just don't see "Comments" as being the best way to troubleshoot ....
-- WazoO (2007-05-17 00:38:32)

tar -cvzf wikka.tgz (star) ... hehehe, slight learning curve when the comments edit them out ;)

Anywho, all sent. Thank you again to everyone for helping me with this. It is greatly appreciated.
-- KeitH (2007-05-17 10:38:30)
WazoO: No biggie...I'm working on new comments layout for 1.1.7 that will allow for nested/theaded comments. Not a forum, but getting close...
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-17 10:50:53)
Yeah, I've seen all the tickets .. but .. I'm still struggling with trying to bring the version somewhere close to my running 1..1.6.2 version .... wishing I could tell if it was worth the effort .. specifically, will 1.1.7. be released at about the same time I'll finish modifying my install <g>
-- WazoO (2007-05-17 15:34:13)

You don't mention what to do with the uploads directory. You should also NOT delete the uploads directory, right? (That's what I did...)
-- SbWoodside (2007-05-19 15:02:46)

So, KeitH, what was the outcome of all this? I see your wiki is up and running now...
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-20 02:30:00)
Where? - still doesn't work '302 Moved' - still doesn't work '302 Moved' - '404 doesn't exist'
-- WazoO (2007-05-20 17:33:59)

Works fine for me...
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-20 17:49:38)

05/20/07 20:34:21 Browsing
Fetching ...
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Content-Length: 0
Location: /?158de080

-- WazoO (2007-05-20 21:35:30)

Huh...go figure:

Response Headers --

Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 04:15:59 GMT
Server: Microsoft-IIS/6.0
X-Powered-By: ASP.NET
X-AspNet-Version: 2.0.50727
Cache-Control: private
Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Content-Length: 699

200 OK
-- BrianKoontz (2007-05-21 00:17:08)
My tool sees the attempted redirect to "Location: /?158de080" translated to a URL would be" ... which does not exist .... that 'string' changes with every attempt, possibly come kind of 'session-ID' number, but .. no idea on a Microsoft server .....
-- WazoO (2007-05-21 03:04:12)

WazoO, that is strange since my uncle is running off of FreeBSD with Apache.

Brain, my attempt wasn't so good... I did what you said exactly, a couple of times even, the rewrite thing kills the site (Not Found) etc. I also got some "Failed" attempts during install, but looks like it relates to the database tables already existing?

I can't add an RSS feed to the site, or view "FormattingRules" on freeed. The wikiedit also got messed up somehow and the edit window is now really-really-small (please see the screen shots)

I also noticed that wherever you go on it always just says "". Its also missing its faveicon. But if you go to the faveicon shows up with no problem (but everything else is still weird).

WazoO, could there be a setting my uncle needs to enable to redirect/rewrite correctly?

The site is 100% wikkawiki with NO code modification, so this is confusing me to no-end. I want to say its on my uncles end, but he refuses to say its him. And I don't understand the problem well enough to tell him what to change/fix/look into.

Thank you again everyone for your continued support and help with this.
-- KeitH (2007-05-21 21:40:50)

New Traffic starts here

Wazoo says 24 May 2007 0500 -5 GMT

05/24/07 04:32:14 Browsing
Fetching ...
GET / HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Content-Length: 0
Location: /?409af7c0

05/24/07 04:30:47 Browsing
Fetching ...
GET /~freeed/images/wikka-edit.jpg HTTP/1.1
Connection: close
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
Date: Thu, 24 May 2007 09:55:16 GMT
Server: Apache/1.3.37 (Unix)
Last-Modified: Tue, 22 May 2007 01:25:20 GMT
Accept-Ranges: bytes
Content-Length: 47044
Connection: close
Content-Type: image/jpeg

Serious question as to how/why/when the 'host' has changed from the Microsoft OS seen by both Brian and myself to the *NIX/Apache server now showing ....

(Don't hold me to this, but ....) It's my belief that mod-rewrite/.htaccess doesn't work on a Microsoft-based server.
Now that there's a *NIX server involved, these 'tools' will work ... if they are enabled/allowed .. not familiar with FreeBSD layout, but am older Linux server runing Apache had the initial 'allow' settings placed into the httpd.conf file. Current application running under Apache2 has this data placed into mods-available and mods-enabled folders ....

I used a customer's computer thats no where near secure as my setups and also headed for a complete reformat/rebuild to try to access the web page ..... did in fact get there, but without my tools in use, not sure exactly 'how' I got there ....

Your multiple install attempts are clearly seen in the Page Index listing .. the 'default' pages showing multiple times .... i.e.;
CategoryPoetry . . . . Owner: KeitH

Changing pages does not change the URL showing in the Address line of an IE7 browser .. yes, I understand that the mod-rewrite/.htaccess files aren't in use, but .. I'm not familiar with how this works without them .. maybe this URL display is 'normal' ..???

Looking at a 'history' of a page (by clicking on the date/time link) and asking to see the 'diff' data results in a 'white page' .. no data .... the actual 'history' link does work ....

The Home page contains links back to the Wikka site for FormattingRules" .. yet, your site has the three installed 'default' pages in place .... most folks add their own New Page" link, typically by adding a page with {{NewPage}} as the content, usually with some instructional data .... example at as you already link to -

I admit that I am running a monitor that has been in use 24/7 for about 3 years and needs replaced, but .. the black/red links on a dark grey background are basically impossible to read ....

anyway, I'm back to saying again that any actual diagnosis is going to need real access to 'see' just what is going on. However, to fully answer all the possibilties, this would really require access to the root level of the server itself (i.e. the httpd.conf file or the equivalent, editing the database itself to handle the multiple/unwanted pages, etc.) .... that's a lot of access for someone unknown to you or your uncle ....

The only other alternative would be to get your uncle to show up 'here' and address some of these issues himself such that the rest of us could then focus elsewhere on just what is actually happening at this/your server.

Delay in thie reply is based on a family medical issue .. I just got back from a hospital in another town, and similar to this situation, going on four days there and none of the medical staff involved has yet come up with a clue as to what's actually going on ...

Anyway, here's something to look at that might lead somewhere, I hope ....

I wrote my uncle this morning with a link to here, just waiting on him to check his email. Thank you WazoO for taking the time to set this page up. --KeitH (2007-05-24 11:04 am PST)

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