Hello, my name is Keith Kie... I use Wikka to manage my fathers website "Free Ed Kie". I have found Wikka to be an essential tool in helping my family organize and stay together in supporting my fathers struggle for justice.

Unfortunately my uncle hosts the site running the latest and greatest versions of PHP and MySQL... this has led to Wikka being a bit flaky at times. RSS feeds cannot be added (without blanking out the page completely) and the newest will not run at all after installing (maybe its just his paranoid behavior in having a very strictly run server)... I am now hoping to try out and hope for the best :)

Even though it has its quirks I am forever grateful and glad the Wikka team has made this system available to the public. Without their hard work and efforts my family and I would not be able to continue our cause.

Many thanks!
The Kie Family

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