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I'm a 23 year old CS student from the Czech Republic. My main interest in Wikka lies in content and project management. My friends and I started making animated fan-films, and after the first episode it became clear that we needed some kind of system that would aid us with the production (we had been using discussion forums and IM until then). We contemplated creating our own content management system, but since we're only amateurs, we didn't have a clear picture of what was needed (and, to be frank, we still don't know).
I'm hoping that the flexibility of a wiki will be helpful in our task.


FilesActionSafeModeWorkaround - Fixes problems when uploading files on servers with PHP safe mode enabled
Note on edit, mandatory field on SuggestionBox - added some code to do server side validation
IncludeAction fix (duplicated on the bugtracker as
Self edit action that inserts an edit link to the page (works even when including pages) (TODO: post code)
As our needs become more clear, I expect we will need tools for refactoring, team scheduling and enhanced file management. If we develop something, I'll post it here.

Our Wiki

Is a closed site (no wonder ;-), we're currently running on Wikka
Running a closed wiki on the internet poses some interesting security problems, some of which were solved with extensons such as UserRegistration and ACLsWithUserGroups. Some others, such as securing the RSS feeds are still an issue - you can secure rss feeds only when the feed reader has access to the login cookie (which is not the case in standalone readers).
Otherwise I'm still in the process of applying smaller patches and enhancements, almost every day it's something new.
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