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Is there an easy way to not allow registration? I would like to have it so that I can control the registration process, not let just anyone sign-up.

A nice contribution Nils. If you want to go further with fiddling with the code for registration, I've thought it would be useful if there was a feature that required a password from an administrator to be able to register so that if you were going to register you put in your user info (as now) and a password you've obtained from the admin that allows you to register....for instance, in this way a teacher could set up a wikki with registration "on" and send a note to all of the parents with the registration password so that they could register....outsiders couldn't register, only those with the registration key. Possibly a quite useful feature to many potential user groups. -- GmBowen

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Additions to the config

additions to wikkaconfig.php

'allow_user_registration' => '2',
'invitation_code' => 'helloWorld',

allow_registration sets the mode:
0 - no registration possible
1 - registration "without limits"
2 - password required (deprecated as of, see note below)

invitation_code takes the password

Note that the code you can find in the history of this page is out of date and won't be updated since it will be in 1.1.7

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