Files Management Solution

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The principle

As many Wikka users, I find the upload process cumbersome. So I propose a new way relying on 3 developments and a few principles.
  1. There will be a menulet action in the header and/or footer menus that will allow the user to:
  1. If you are allowed to read a page then you can read/download the attached files
  1. If you are allowed to write a page then you can manage the attachments (add/delete)
Of course all this has to be compliant with the site policy (authorized mimes and maximum sizes).
It is indeed compliant with the ACLs, so it is with my solution of ACLsWithUserGroups.

My solution

Three developments to provide a complete solution:


The menulet: A new header menu links to the attachments (screenshot)
The handler activated: One click to get the files management handler (screenshot)
The action: A list of all attachments for the WikkaPage (screenshot)

How it could be with some nice icons: the paper clip icon is the menulet (screenshot)

To Do

As I cannot have the ModRewrite working on my site, it would be nice if someone could test all this with mod_rewrite.

    1. If you are allowed to write a page then you can manage the attachments (add/delete) On most wikkas the SandBox is writeble for everyone, which means the everyone can upload files there. There could be people who won't want that.
    1. if I upload a file with *.php and use listfiles to list it, and click on it, wikka tries to open it as a method!

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