About Me

password: m{ this.domain/KlenWell }
wush.net login: klenwell / m{ wush.net/that.user }
my wikka site: http://klenwell.com/is/
blog: http://klenwell.com/press/

Wikka Development

Since upgrading to version 1.2, I've become more interested in exploring Wikka and developing some extension and features. More information on the development projects I'm working on can be found on my wiki.

I've redesigned my wiki site using the new theming system. The source code for that, and other wikka features I'm working on, can be found at my Google code site.

Additions and Enhancements

Admin-Only Installer
ReCaptcha Registration/Login Action
ReCaptcha Comment Form
Activity Summary Action
Wikka Base Action Class
Wikka Action as a Class
Redirect Action
Command Line Interface (esp. for cron jobs)

Bug Reports

MySQL 5.5 Incompatible with Install Script (Ticket 1049)

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