About WikkaWiki "current" releases

"Current" releases represent the cutting edge of Wikka development. These releases are automatically built nightly and include all changes and updates that have been made by the Wikka devs up to that point. While every effort is made to ensure the "current" version runs properly, there are no guarantees that all features are fully implemented and ready for prime time.
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Consequently, do not use current releases in a production or mission-critical environment! We do, however, encourage feedback from those who have the time and resources to run these releases.

Reporting issues with current releases

Since these releases might have features that are only partially implemented, it doesn't make much sense to submit bug reports or tickets, as it's highly likely the devs already know the exact state of, and deficiencies in, the current release. However, we do enjoy the feedback, so if you have comments or concerns about a new feature you might see in an current release, or a makeover on an older feature, let us know! You can contact any of the Wikka devs, drop us a note at community <at> wikkawiki.org, or drop in on our Freenode IRC channel, #wikka. We will need to know the exact version you are referring to. All of the necessary information is conveniently included in the archive filename. For example:


where "20070808" refers to the date the release file was built, and "r670" refers to the SVN revision number.

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