Uncamel The Camels!

Keep everything CamelCased in the database, but Uncamel The Camels when the page is output.

The following code is designed to be used with the OnPageLoadAction. Look there for examples.

Save the following as actions/uncamel.php...


if (!function_exists('uncamel'))
    function uncamel($matches)
        $text = preg_match_all('/([A-Z][^A-Z]*)/', $matches[2], $words) ? join(' ', $words[1]) : $matches[2];
        return "<a$matches[1]>$text</a>";
$this->page['body'] = preg_replace_callback('|<a([^>]+)>(.*)</a>|smU', 'uncamel', $this->page['body']);




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