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=====Uncamel The Camels!=====

Keep everything ""CamelCased"" in the database, but Uncamel The Camels when the page is output.

The following code is designed to be used with the [[OnPageLoadWithGlobalActions | OnPageLoadAction]]. Look there for examples.

Save the following as actions/uncamel.php...


if (!function_exists('uncamel'))
function uncamel($matches)
$text = preg_match_all('/([A-Z][^A-Z]*)/', $matches[2], $words) ? join(' ', $words[1]) : $matches[2];
return "<a$matches[1]>$text</a>";
$this->page['body'] = preg_replace_callback('|<a([^>]+)>(.*)</a>|smU', 'uncamel', $this->page['body']);




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