Tested through 1.3.1

UR Captcha Module (beta)

This module is based upon YodaHome's implementation of FreeCap for, and modifications made by me for 1.1.7. This module is in beta test at the moment, and I encourage those who are interested to try it out. Currently, this module works only for versions > as it depends upon the UR framework.


captcha example


Requires version or higher!

Download either the .zip or .tgz package. Unzip/untar into your <wikka-dir>/libs/UR folder or subdirectory. (Note: Both packages include the freecap files, so there is no need to install additional files.)

You should now have, in your UR folder/subdir, a new folder/subdir called URCaptchaModule.

Open your <wikka-dir>/wikka.config.php file and add the following line:

'UR_validation_modules' => 'URCaptchaModule',

That should be it. When you bring up your UserSettings page (logout first), you should see the CAPTCHA image and a textbox. Currently, the number of retries before requiring a browser restart is set to 3...to change this value (perhaps for testing purposes), open the freecap/freecap.php file and search for max_attempts. Change this value to whatever you want (999 works well for testing).

If you see only a background image, but no letters, then you are probably running on a Mac or UNIX box. You will need to modify the following line in freecap/freecap.php and set to true: (line #42)

$big_endian = true;


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