All about me! Steve Berryman

Well, basically i'm at Manchester Uni (UK) studying computer science. I own my own webserver which is colocated at the Redbus Datacentre in London and have a number of sites running on it including my own. My site is here: . Have a look. tell me what you think. its not a wiki, its a blog and its running wordpress with a theme of my own design. I hope you like. I looked at wikka and had a play with it for a while. A project i run, the IRC Guide runs wikka and i might yet find other uses for it.

One of the things i wanted was free links (pages with spaces in) and so i set about trying to hack wikka a bit to allow for that. With the help of JavaWoman here are the changes you need to make to let it happen :) (btw when i say "With the help of JavaWoman" i really mean, she did most of it and told me where and what i needed to do... I might have worked it out eventually... maybe ;). i also know regex a lot better now!)

Instructions here: FreeLinks
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