This code change allows page names to have spaces in. URL's are then in this format when you have mod_rewrite ( i havnt tested it without mod_rewrite - i suspect it would fall over so any solution to this would be good) That would go to a page called 'Page Name here'.

This also changes the format for forced links. Because pages can now have spaces obviouly the old method of the seperator being a space wont work any more. So on JavaWoman JavaWoman's suggestion i changed it to a | (pipe). the new format after these changes for a forced link is [[name here|link text here]] or [[name here]]

just realised it breaks the category system a bit. and probly the backlink action

in wikka.php find:
  1. // is this a full link? ie, does it contain alpha-numeric characters?
  2. elseif (preg_match("/[^[:alnum:],ÄÖÜ,ßäöü]/", $tag))

and replace it with:
  1. // is this a full link? ie, does it contain characters not valid for a wiki page name?
  2. // changed so that a space is a valid character for a wikiname
  3. elseif (preg_match("/[^[:alnum:] ÄÖÜßäöü]/", $tag))

and last but not least, find:
  1. return ($linkedPage ? "<a href=\"".$this->Href($method, $linkedPage['tag'])."\" title=\"$title\">".$text."</a>" : "<a class=\"missingpage\" href=\"".$this->Href("edit", $tag)."\" title=\"Create this page\">".$text."</a>");

and replace with:
  1. // changed so that the tag name is urlencoded. this converts the spaces to +'s to make the URL valid
  2. return ($linkedPage ? "<a href=\"".$this->Href($method, urlencode($linkedPage['tag']))."\" title=\"$title\">".$text."</a>" : "<a class=\"missingpage\" href=\"".$this->Href("edit", urlencode($tag))."\" title=\"Create this page\">".$text."</a>");

then in handlers/page/edit.php find
  1. if (!(preg_match("/^[A-Za-zÄÖÜßäöü]+[A-Za-z0-9ÄÖÜßäöü]*$/s", $this->tag))) {

and replace with:
  1. // changed so the edit handler allows pages with spaces in the names to be created/edited
  2. if (!(preg_match("/^[A-Za-zÄÖÜßäöü]+[A-Za-z 0-9+ÄÖÜßäöü]*$/s", $this->tag))) {

and the last file to change is formatters/wakka.php.
  1. else if (preg_match("/^\[\[(\S*)(\s+(.+))?\]\]$/s", $thing, $matches))      # recognize forced links across lines

and replace with:
  1. // changed so that the seperator for forced links is a | (pipe) and not the first space.
  2. else if (preg_match("/^\[\[(.+?)(\|(.+))?\]\]$/s", $thing, $matches))       # recognize forced links across lines

i THINK thats all of the changes. let me know what you think, if anything needs to be changed or whatever.

Need Help

So so.. i can't use FreeLinks at WikiName with Korean or Japanese.
If fill in WikiName with Japanese, ???????? is output and can't create mySQL db field. If fill in WikiName with Korean, i have to see just blank page.

Somebody any idea?

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