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I use the wiki a lot more often now. It is so easy to add stuff, that I use it to keep track of my notes during work.

Ik stumbled upon wikkawiki after deciding that i'd try to set up a wiki site, and comparing a number of wiki engines in the wikimatrix. There were a couple of features that I wanted the wiki to have, which generated about 5 or so possibilities. What I wanted formost to have was a small (lightweight) engine, so I took the one with the smallest size (700k), this wikkawiki. The largest was the media wiki with about 27 Megs.

The site is just for helping me to keep track of things. I shut it down for all, except to those I work with, but the main page is open.

I have fixed in the current wikka release a bug where the RSS malfunctions when the URL to the RSS has ampersand & in it. For some reason it was replaced by &, normally good for html content but not good to be an argument to a php function.

I really like the code snippets and upload/download file handling of the engine. Just {{files}} and everything neatly stored. Also, I really like the code snippet thing, (although Matlab doesn't really seem to generate the correct colors, and strings
  1. s='1001'
are not separated from numbers
  1. s=1001
) as well as the ability to generate side menu's.

I'd be very interested in the addition of PhpMathPublisher, for math formula support.


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