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=====SlugFace Home=====

I use the wiki a lot more often now. It is so easy to add stuff, that I use it to keep track of my notes during work.

Ik stumbled upon wikkawiki after deciding that i'd try to set up a wiki site, and comparing a number of wiki engines in the wikimatrix. There were a couple of features that I wanted the wiki to have, which generated about 5 or so possibilities. What I wanted formost to have was a small (lightweight) engine, so I took the one with the smallest size (700k), this wikkawiki. The largest was the media wiki with about 27 Megs.

The [[ | site]] is just for helping me to keep track of things. I shut it down for all, except to those I work with, but the main page is open.

I have fixed in the current wikka release a bug where the RSS malfunctions when the URL to the RSS has ampersand & in it. For some reason it was replaced by &, normally good for html content but not good to be an argument to a php function.

I really like the code snippets and upload/download file handling of the engine. Just ""{{files}}"" and everything neatly stored. Also, I really like the code snippet thing, (although Matlab doesn't really seem to generate the correct colors, and strings %%(matlab;1)s='1001'%% are not separated from numbers %%(matlab;1)s=1001%%) as well as the ability to generate side menu's.

I'd be very interested in the addition of [[ | PhpMathPublisher]], for math formula support.


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