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A new action for adding a Share on LinkedIn, link to your website or blog allowing your users to share your content with their LinkedIn connections or networks. This gives your content legs: one user visits your site and can notify literally tens, hundreds, or thousands of others. Works great for news sites, blogs, and other content–rich sites. See here for the LinkedIn description of this functionality.

 * Display "Share on LinkedIn"
 * @package     Actions
 * @author      Roland Stens
 * @version     1.0
 * @license     LinkedIn Widgets License Agreement
 *              By using a LinkedIn widget, you are entering into a legally binding agreement with LinkedIn Corporation that includes provisions that:
 *              1. Allow your use of a LinkedIn widget under certain terms and conditions
 *              2. Make it clear that your use of the widget does not indicate a partnership relationship with LinkedIn
 *              3. Make it clear that you can not sell access to the LinkedIn widget, and
 *              4. Allow LinkedIn to terminate this Agreement and your use of the widgets at any time.

  // default Link Text
 $text = "Share on LinkedIn";

 // getting params
 if (is_array($vars))
     foreach ($vars as $param => $value)
        if ($param == 'text')
            $text = $value;

 //Get the url of the page, for https servers simply change http to https.
 $url = urlencode('http://'.$_SERVER["SERVER_NAME"].$_SERVER["REQUEST_URI"]);
 $title = urlencode($this->PageTitle());

 //Get the summary from the content but strip the title and just send the first 200 characters
 $summary = urlencode(strip_tags($this->Format($this->page["body"])));
 $summary = substr(trim(str_replace($title, "", $summary)),0,200);

 //The name of your WikkaWiki installation
 $source = urlencode($this->GetConfigValue("wakka_name"));

 $output = '<a href="'.$url.'&title='.$title.'&summary='.$summary.'&source='.$source.'" target="_blank">'.$text.'</a>';

 print $output;


Save file as linkedinshare.php in your \plugins\actions directory.


{{linkedinshare}} This will show a link on your page that says "Share on LinkedIn" and will open a new window when clicked.
{{linkedinshare text="Your Custom Link Text"}}, same but this version gives you the opportunity to specify your own link name.

Share on LinkedIn

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