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HighScores @ WakkaWiki

HighScores is a fun little action that compares all the RegisteredUsers on your WakkaWiki insofar as how many OwnedPages each one has. Adding this script to your site will probably incite a flurry of create-pages-just-to-up-one's-ranking behavior, but other than that it's pretty harmless. Some users really enjoy this thing.

You can see this WakkaAction in action at http://christessmer.com/ahd/wiki/wakka.php?wakka=HighScores (archived)

A few things:
  1. If you have a large number of RegisteredUsers, this ranking will end up being long (duh), so plan accordingly when you decide where to put it (like at the end of a page or give it it's own page or something).
  1. The table formatting I used is pretty wretched ( 's .. yuck!); I just wanted results, fast. If anyone wants to make it cleaner or prettier (like using the CSS of the site to generate attractive alternating colored rows or something), by all means... GoForIt.

Here's how to install it:

Create actions/highscores.php:

    # highscores.php {{HighScores}}
    # by Chris Tessmer
    # 19 Dec 2002
    # license: GPL

    $str = 'SELECT Count(*) AS cnt, `name`  FROM ';
    $str .= $this->config["table_prefix"] . 'users, ' ;
    $str .= $this->config["table_prefix"].'pages ';
    $str .= "WHERE `name` = `owner` AND `latest` = 'Y' AND `comment_on` = '' GROUP BY name ORDER BY cnt DESC;";
    $rankQuery = $this->Query( $str );

    $str = 'SELECT COUNT(*) FROM '.$this->config["table_prefix"].'pages WHERE `latest` = \'Y\' AND `comment_on` = \'\' ';
    $totalQuery = $this->Query( $str );
    $total  = mysql_result($totalQuery, 0);

    print( "<blockquote><table>" );

    $i = 0;
    while( $row = mysql_fetch_array($rankQuery) )
        $str = '<tr>';
        $str .= "<td>$i. &nbsp;</td>";
        $str .= '<td>'. $this->Format( $row["name"] ) .'</td>';
        $str .= '<td> </td>';
        $str .= '<td> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>';
        $str .= '<td>'.$row["cnt"].'</td>';
        $str .= '<td> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</td>';
        $str .= '<td>'. round( ($row["cnt"]/$total)*100, 2).'% </td>';
        $str .= '</tr>';
        print( $str );
    print( "</table></blockquote>" );  

To use it, insert the text {{HighScores}} into any page that you want the list to show up in.

-- ChrisTessmer

Ranking by bytes: change count(*) by sum(length(body)) in SQL queries..
-- VictorManuelVarela (2003-03-13 23:47:36)
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