WikiEdit toolbar doesn't appear


When editing a page, the WikiEdit toolbar doesn't appear even though "gui_editor" is set to 1 in the configuration (wikka.config.php).


There are a number of possible causes for the toolbar not appearing:
  1. You have disabled JavaScript in your browser (either permanently, or to test something) or your browser does not support JavaScript at all.
    Check: see if a toolbar appears when editing a page on this site - if so, JavaScript is available and not disabled. If it is disabled, re-enable it to test the WikiEdit toolbar. If you use a browser that does not support JavaScript, try testing with one that does. (Your visitors will have the same problem: if JavaScript is disabled (in their browser or by a corporate firewall) or if they use a browser that has no JavaScript support, the toolbar will not appear. They will still be able to edit pages, but without the help of the toolbar.)
  1. Your browser has JavaScript enabled but is not supported by the WikiEdit toolbar. The toolbar currently supports only Internet Explorer 5 and up and Gecko browsers (Mozilla 1.4+ and Firefox); it may work in other browsers if they have their user agent string set to emulate one of these browsers but this is not guaranteed. -- Check: test with a supported browser - if the toolbar appears the problem is with support for the browser you used before (your visitors will have the same problem depending on browser used).
  1. Your server is capable of rewriting URLs but this is configured incorrectly.

The first two possible causes are merely a matter of browser support and / or browser configuration; if at
all possible, test in an environment and with a browser that supports JavaScript to check whether the toolbar can appear. But even if it can, some of your visitors may not see it because they cannot use JavaScript or their browser is not supported by the WikiEdit toolbar. There is no workaround for this. But the toolbar merely make editing easier and the Wikka formatting syntax easier to learn - Wikka does not depend in any way on JavaScript and is usable even with a simple text-mode browser like Lynx.

That leaves problems with mod_rewrite configuration which are solvable.

Applies to

All versions.


All Wikka versions
Use the following checklist:
  1. wikka.config.php should contain
    "gui_editor" => 1,
    i.e., value 1, not 0.
  1. Make sure you test with a browser that supports JavaScript
  1. Make sure your test browser has JavaScript enabled (and you don't use a proxy to disable it); see if a toolbar appears when editing a page on this site - if so, JavaScript is available and not disabled.
  1. Your test browser should either be Internet Explorer 5+ or Mozilla 1.4+ or Firefox or use a user agent string to "pose" as one of these browsers (in the latter case: the browser should support JavaScript that's compatible with what the supported browsers implement).
If all these check out, you should see an editor toolbar (it may not work if your browser isn't completely compatible though).

Wikka and earlier
If you still don't see the toolbar, use the following checklist for the mod_rewrite configuration
  1. If you use URL rewriting, check your configuration as outlined on ModRewrite (note that there are two parameters and that they must match)
  1. Check that you have the .htaccess file as distributed with Wikka in your base installation directory
  1. Check that the [wikka]/3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/ subdirectory contains the .htaccess file as distributed with Wikka (in that subdirectory); it should have the following content:
    <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine off

Newer Wikka versions



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