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=====WikiEdit toolbar doesn't appear=====

When editing a page, the WikiEdit toolbar doesn't appear even though **"##gui_editor##" is set to ##1## in the configuration** (##wikka.config.php##).

There are a number of possible causes for the toolbar not appearing:
~1)You have disabled JavaScript in your browser (either permanently, or to test something) or your browser does not support JavaScript at all. --- Check: see if a toolbar appears when editing a page //on this site// - if so, JavaScript is available and not disabled. If it is disabled, re-enable it to test the WikiEdit toolbar. If you use a browser that does not support JavaScript, try testing with one that does. (Your visitors will have the same problem: if JavaScript is disabled (in their browser or by a corporate firewall) or if they use a browser that has no JavaScript support, the toolbar will not appear. They will still be able to edit pages, but without the help of the toolbar.)
~1)Your browser has JavaScript enabled but is not supported by the WikiEdit toolbar. The toolbar currently supports only Internet Explorer 5 and up and Gecko browsers (Mozilla 1.4+ and Firefox); it //may// work in other browsers if they have their user agent string set to emulate one of these browsers but this is not guaranteed. -- Check: test with a supported browser - if the toolbar appears the problem is with support for the browser you used before (your visitors will have the same problem depending on browser used).
~1)Your server is capable of [[Docs:ModRewrite | rewriting URLs]] but this is configured incorrectly.

The first two possible causes are merely a matter of browser support and / or browser configuration; if at
all possible, test in an environment and with a browser that supports JavaScript to check whether the toolbar **can** appear. But even if it can, some of your visitors may not see it because they cannot use JavaScript or their browser is not supported by the WikiEdit toolbar. There is **no workaround** for this. But the toolbar merely make editing easier and the Wikka formatting syntax easier to learn - Wikka does **not depend** in any way on JavaScript and is usable even with a simple text-mode browser like Lynx.

That leaves problems with [[ModRewrite | mod_rewrite configuration]] which are solvable.

===Applies to===
All versions.


==All Wikka versions==
Use the following checklist:
~1)##wikka.config.php## should contain %%(php)"gui_editor" => 1,%% i.e., value 1, not 0.
~1)Make sure you test with a browser that supports JavaScript
~1)Make sure your test browser has JavaScript enabled (and you don't use a proxy to disable it); //see if a toolbar appears when editing a page on this site - if so, JavaScript is available and not disabled//.
~1)Your test browser should either **be** Internet Explorer 5+ or Mozilla 1.4+ or Firefox //**or**// use a user agent string to "pose" as one of these browsers (in the latter case: the browser should support JavaScript that's compatible with what the supported browsers implement).
If **all** these check out, you //should// see an editor toolbar (it may not work if your browser isn't completely compatible though).

==Wikka and earlier==
If you still don't see the toolbar, use the following checklist for the mod_rewrite configuration
~1)If you use URL rewriting, check your configuration as outlined on ModRewrite (note that there are **two** parameters and that they **must match**)
~1)Check that you have the .htaccess file as distributed with Wikka in your base installation directory
~1)Check that the ##[wikka]/3rdparty/plugins/wikiedit/## subdirectory contains the .htaccess file as distributed with Wikka (in that subdirectory); it should have the following content: %%(apache)<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine off
""<!-- move last two point later to ModRewriteTroubleshooting! and refer to that page -->""

==Newer Wikka versions==


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