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This is the documentation page for the HTML handler.

The principle

I needed a way to quickly format HTML pages with CSS. A WYSIWYG editor such as Amaya was overkill, and I wanted to leverage my knowledge of Wikka markup rather than having to hammer away at raw HTML in vim. Other wikis have HTML export features (such as DokuWiki), but I'd rather not have to run multiple wikis.

This is a simple hack that basically eliminates the header, footer, comments, and other Wikka-specific page adornments. The page that is output is completely "standalone" in that the CSS is inline, with no external references. There is no attempt made to resolve wiki references or relative URLs.

My solution

I hacked wikka.php so that when the HTML handler is invoked, no header or footer output is generated. I cloned the wikka.css stylesheet and disabled those items I didn't want to display. Finally, a new handler was created to export the html, head, body, and CSS-related tags.

How to use it?

Add "/html" after any page:

This handler will recognize relative URIs (i.e., links starting with "." or "/" that are resolved relative to the location of the file they're contained in).

To Do

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