CrystalWoW is a still in development World of Warcraft skin for WikkaWiki by Shane (

It reformats the Wiki site with new colours, header graphics, background graphics to suit World of Warcraft and includes some Wikka actions I've written for querying realm status via RPG Outfitter, showing the status of Ventrilo servers from DarkStar LLC as well as accepting donations from PayPal.

My dev site is here if you want to see it in action, although it may not be up if I'm working on it. Also note this is probably tailored for a specific guild, so certain graphic items may differ from the stock version you'll download.

The latest version of CrystalWoW can be downloaded at your own risk by clicking here.

To install (without MySkin or WikkaSkinSelector support):
1. Un-zip the archive
2. Backup and rename your wikka.css file in /css
3. Copy the cwow_wikka.css into the /css folder as wikka.css
4. Copy the cwowheader.jpg & cwowbackground.gif into /images
5. (Optional) Edit the darkstarventquery.php, wowrealmstatus.php and donatepp.php files to include your specific information (the instructions are in the files) and copy them into the /actions folder.

Visit your new World of Warcraft themed Wiki.

CrystalWoW is Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License
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