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CrystalWoW is a still in development World of Warcraft skin for WikkaWiki by Shane (

It reformats the Wiki site with new colours, header graphics, background graphics to suit World of Warcraft and includes some Wikka actions I've written for querying realm status via [[ | RPG Outfitter]], showing the status of Ventrilo servers from [[ | DarkStar LLC]] as well as accepting donations from [[ | PayPal]].

[[ | My dev site is here]] if you want to see it in action, although it may not be up if I'm working on it. Also note this is probably tailored for a specific guild, so certain graphic items may differ from the stock version you'll download.

The latest version of CrystalWoW can be downloaded at your own risk by [[ | clicking here]].

To install (without MySkin or WikkaSkinSelector support):
1. Un-zip the archive
2. Backup and rename your wikka.css file in /css
3. Copy the cwow_wikka.css into the /css folder as wikka.css
4. Copy the cwowheader.jpg & cwowbackground.gif into /images
5. (Optional) Edit the darkstarventquery.php, wowrealmstatus.php and donatepp.php files to include your specific information (the instructions are in the files) and copy them into the /actions folder.

Visit your new World of Warcraft themed Wiki.

CrystalWoW is Licensed under a [[ | Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License]]
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