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=====Wikka Coding Guidelines=====
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====//[[CodingGuidelinesHowTo | Subpage:]]// Guidelines for text constants====

Working on the language file for our main [[Ticket:340 | Internationalization]] issue, I soon realized there are many factors involved in choosing "good" names for the constants to be used for defining text strings to be localized. What is a "good" name is largely dependent on how it's going to be used. For language strings, a number of uses are involved:
~1) The developer creating his own strings for a new feature
~1) The developer reading other's code for maintenance, trying to figure out how the code works, or trying to decide whether an already-defined string may be re-used
~1) The translator working not within the context of a single package feature, but faced with a single file combining all of these strings, and without the context of program code (a translator is not necessarily a coder, and most of the time will not be).

===Developing a new Wikka feature===

===Maintenance and reuse===

===The translator===

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