Just trying out this new wiki. Seems nice and simple. Don't know what to write here so I'll just write something about this wiki...

I banged my head bloody against the wall because of av failures and problems while trying to install PhpWiki. Installing a working WikkaWiki on the other hand took me less than 10 minutes :) (I had some problems, especially to ge mod_rewrite working, but that was mainly my own fault.)

The lack of information is frustrating, it seems like one has to read the WikkaModifications to learn some things (that's how I learn how to disable comments, but I probably I missed it somewhere more obvious place).

Next thing to do will be hacking the files to customize my WikkaWiki. My wiki will only be edited by me, so basically I'll try to strip things off to get a really clean look (no need for others than me to se wiki-related and WikkaWiki-related stuff). There is no language support as far as I can tell, so I'll manually translate what I need to Swedish. And of course I'll hack the CSS too.



Thanks for stopping by. I'd be interested in getting a copy of your Swedish translation. I've had another request for a German version, so I'm considering how to code Wikka to easily allow different language translations.

If possible, come back and post a link to your site after you've hacked the CSS so I can see what it looks like.

-- JsnX

I wasn't planning on a full translation, just the parts that will be public after I've "stripped" my wiki. No visistor will be able to edit pages, just me. It's mostly an experiment to see if wiki is usable as a (part of a) personal homepage. All the parts that only I will see will remain English. That was my plan. But if there's a bigger interest in translation everyting to Swedish, maybe I could help with that.

Making it easy to allow different languages is no small change, from what I've seen in other projects (removing all languagespecific text from the code and using language files) but I guess that is the way to go if you want to support more languages (and simple translations).

I'll get back and post a link to my site if there's something I feel worth showing :)

-- AdrianB

These are some yet unsolved problems I've ran into so far:

- HTML entities like "ä" (should be "ä") doesn't work in "navigation_links" in wakka.config.php. The output becomes "¨" because the & gets translated to an HTML entity. This is a problem since I'm using a mac and therefor I cannot just write an "ä", I'll have to write "‰" instead.

- I wanted to hide the "Page was generated..." for all visitors that not have write rights (everyone except me, that is). But that string is in the wakka.php and there I cannot use the "$this->HasAccess("write")" as I would in the footer.php.

- Using Swedish characters like "å", "ä" and "ö" in wiki names doesn't work. If I write [[Hjälp]] I'll end up with an external link to http://hjälp/. That is not the behaviour I want, obviously. I would like it to work like susning.nu (a big Swedish wiki). There one can write an URL like http://susning.nu/Hjälp and it translates correctly to a wiki page named "Hjälp".

This, at least, should be easy to fix - one of the issues I'd already noted with how links are built: it's all done with regular expressions (with an additional problem that they're all over the place instead of defined()d at one location as constants). Anyway, have a look at:
You'd want to add various characters with diacriticals in the appropriate places in those REs.
Hope that gives you enough to get started...

I realize maybe Wikka is to simple for my needs.

A naive question: are URIs containing non-escaped characters outside the ASCII charset (like "å") compatible with W3 recommandations? I know that some sites (including big projects like the ODP) use UTF-8 encoded URLs but I wonder if this is W3 compliant and if it makes sense to have WikiNames encoded in charsets other than ASCII. This is just to say that I'm not sure it would be a good idea to have [[Hjälp]] automatically parsed as a link to http://wikka.jsnx.org/Hjälp -- DarTar

are URIs containing non-escaped characters outside the ASCII charset (like "å") compatible with W3 recommandations?
No! they are a violation of RFC2396:
2.4. Escape Sequences
Data must be escaped if it does not have a representation using an unreserved character; this includes data that does not correspond to a printable character of the US-ASCII coded character set, or that corresponds to any US-ASCII character that is disallowed, as explained below.


Any character not "normally" allowed in a URL can be made compliant by URL-encoding it. So if http://susning.nu/ accepts a URL like http://susning.nu/Hjälp (where Hjälp is acrtually a parameter) then the sequence is this:
You can apply URL-encode to any URL; only non-URL characters will get encoded.

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