Hi there!

I've just released another wakka fork. Unlike Wikka, which is a wonderfull general purpose wiki engine, UniWakka's goal is to provide a collaborative authoring tool for scientific web content.

The features thus far developed include:

UniWakka also provides an export filter for OpenOffice: you can use OpenOffice Writer to write your documents and then esport them in the UniWakka file format...

JsnX: you could use it as a basis for creating an export filter for the Wikka file format.

Andrea, is your code available? I'm specifically interested in the OpenOffice export support as I have someone who could work on adapting it to wikka --GmBowen (aka Mike)

Sure it is! You can get everything here

Your can give it a try!

Contact: arossato AT istitutocolli.org

Anyway WikkaWiki is a very nice effort. Thanks JsnX!

My proposals for WikkaWiki:
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