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@@''**Note:** CamelCase will be made optional in the forthcoming 1.3 release. See Ticket:191 for further information''@@

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Change the line (around 1215):
Change the line (around 768):

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function IsWikiName($text) { return preg_match("/^[a-z][a-z0-9]*$/i", $text); }
function IsWikiName($text) { return preg_match("/^[a-z][a-z,0-9]*$/i", $text); }

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== See Also ==
~- WikiInAVacuum - for how to hide your wiki engine.

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Edited on 2006-10-17 16:13:38 by TormodHaugen [fix on the You are... link.]
The "You are WikiName" thingey up above the content (or elsewhere, depending on styling and/or mods) isn't a link...
To make the "You are..." link a link, find in ''./actions/header.php'' (relative to your wikka directory) near line 52:
echo "You are ".$this->Format($this->GetUserName());
and change it to:
echo "You are ".$this->Link($this->GetUserName());
This was something that bothered me in the first place, it might or might not be fixed in the next release (1.1.7).

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