first thanks to the whole wikka community for this fantastic tool. i started one on a specific project about europe's culture.

I am also interested in an feature developed by the french branch (?) of wikini which makes the css random -> the wiki goes all banana

I love the implementation of mindmaps, unfortunately, on mac, it seem to be working poorly, but i know it will work soon!

here a note about me:
Artist working with the classical media of exhibition and searching new forms of transformations. The formalisation of personal and collective interactions and their urban (generic architecture) and political (creation of an "european culture") expressions are my fields of interests. Working as webmaster (cyberaxe.org) and teacher assistant at the art school in Geneva. Works can be viewed on www.theselection.net. Born 1976 in Morges, Switzerland. Diplomed from the Akademie der Bildende K√ľnste, Vienne, New media class Peter Kogler, 2001, and from the Ecole sup√©rieure des arts visuel, critical, curatorial and cybermedia programm, Geneva, 2002. Co-editor of the magazine Chicago, Times, etc, Vienna, since 2002.

so long,
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