MarkHissinkMuller: Jason, First of all, thanks for the great work on bringing structure to the scattered Wakka-initiatives and getting the Wakka-train going again. As I indicated on my page (MarkHissinkMuller), I'm very interested in Wakka-type engines and I would love to participate. Kindly I would like to ask you what your plans are with Wikka. With some direction, I feel it will be easiest to discuss and divide where (other) people can put their effort, if they would they like to participate.

Some Wikka future alternatives, as I see them:

MarkHissinkMuller: I hope you don't mind that I opened this page, but I'm really interested to know where we could take this. -- 5/29/04

Mark, I like your ideas and questions. I'll respond to your request for my vision of Wikka's future within the next few days. -- JsnX 5/30/04

MHM: Some of my thoughts regarding Wiki's in general and Wakka/Wacko/Wikka in particular:
What is often seen is that pages are used as a medium for discussion in a forum-type way, leading to a long thread of entries with opinions, questions, answers, comments, etc. Although discussion and sharing of idea's is excellent and I'm very supportive of that, I feel every now and then a discussion should be 'frozen' and the collective outcome of the discussion accepted (refactored, put into the correct concepts) as new knowledge/concepts to continue to discuss from. This is the reason I would very much like to be able to use ContinuousRefactoring of pagenames.
MHM: I've written a component which allows you to rename any WikiPage-name and have all pages containing a reference to that page be updated automatically. It currently supports Wikka, Wack3.5 and Wacko4CVS. Contact me if you're interested -- 6/14/04

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