Wikka Sticker

In the spirit of the 80x15 brilliant buttons / antipixel images or badge whatever you want to call it I thought I'd have a go at one of these (using the styling at http://wikkawiki.org rather than the wizzard's hat), As I can't upload an image it's linked in from my own site.

I must stress this is my own attempt and is in no way an 'official' wikka button. I was intending to convert my personal website to use wikka wikki with the InvisibleWiki mod and thought it would be nice to show that even when all the obvious styling had gone

If anyone would like to continue where I have left off then here's a Photoshop .psd file with the layers (sorry this may be moraly bankrupt I use the Gimp too, I just happend to use Photoshop)

 (image: http://ianhayhurst.co.uk/other/wikka-bb.png)

Comments welcome IanHayhurst
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