Wikka Site Templates

This page lists the various templates that are available on this site.

Using these templates to create pages for specific purposes will help giving them a consistent structure, making the site easier to use for all.

The following 14 page(s) belong to CategoryTemplate

ActionInfoTemplate [ActionInfoTemplate] ActionTemplate [ActionTemplate] AdminReleaseCheckList1166 [AdminReleaseCheckList1166]
AdminReleaseCheckList1167 [AdminReleaseCheckList1167] AdminReleaseCheckListTemplate [Release Check List] DocumentationTemplate [DocumentationTemplate]
DocumentationTemplateES [DocumentationTemplateES] FormattingInfoTemplate [FormattingInfoTemplate] HandlerInfoTemplate [HandlerInfoTemplate]
HandlerTemplate [HandlerTemplate] HowtoTemplate [HowtoTemplate] MyPageTemplate [MyPageTemplate]
PageForCategoryTemplate [PageForCategoryTemplate] WorkaroundTemplate [WorkaroundTemplate]

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