Wikka Resources

Some thoughts about Wikka, its resources, and how the Wikka architecture supports them (or not).

The web view

Remember how the web works? A URL will take you to ...

Remember what the 'R' in 'URL' stands for? URL means Uniform (there's a uniform syntax) Resource (wait...) Locator (which indicates where to find the resource). So a URL can locate a page for you. Or an image. Or a sound file. Or a Java applet. In fact, anything that can be stored on a web server, or generated by a webserver program, or provides a service acessible via the web, is a "resource" - as long as we can construct a URL that can locate it for our browser so it knows how to GET it.

Looking at Wikka and its resources from the web, this is what we see:
The first and most obvious obvious resources we see (and can construct URLs for) are pages. But comments (attached to pages, visible or not) are also resources, and we can construct a URL to take us directly to a specific comment (even if it's only a fragment of a whole page as shown in the browser). Even images (also attached to pages, shown on the page or not) are resources.

Hold that thought.

The Wikka view

Looking from Wikka at its resources, this is what we see:

Now that all seems sort of muddled to me. And it isn't even the whole story, but I think you get the idea: web standards define what "resources" are and how to GET them but Wikka doesn't have a standard way to handle them, which is somewhat confusing. (I think it doesn't even have a way to embed an images that is attached to a page in that page.)

Hold that thought, too.

A different approach

more tomorrow... watch this space :)

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