Wikka on Docker for the impatient

WikkaWiki on 4 steps:

1. Check if the next deb are on your system:

Install on Ubuntu
apt-cache search docker| grep -E "compose|^docker-engine"
docker-compose - Punctual, lightweight development environments using Docker
docker-engine - Docker: the open-source application container engine

2. Install these debs:

Install on Ubuntu
apt-get install docker-engine docker-compose

3. Copy this file (exactly!)

version: '2'

   image: mariadb
   hostname: mariadb
    - MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=root-password
    - MYSQL_DATABASE=wikka
    - MYSQL_USER=wikka
    - MYSQL_PASSWORD=wikka-password
     - $PWD/mysql:/var/lib/mysql

   image: oems/wikkawiki:1.4.0-pre_lite
     - mariadb
     - '80:80'

4. Start the docker:

Run the docker-compose on the same directory of the docker-compose.yml file.
docker-compose up

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