Wiki Editor

A WikiEditor is a WikiRole:
Without editors that are not (also) WikiOwner, WikiMaster or WikiAdmin, we effectively have a personal blogging system, or maybe a CMS (content management system). While WikiMasters and WikiAdmins are special kinds of users, it's the other users that determine the "wikiness" of a system. The editor role in a Wiki is anyoe who is creating or editing content: a Wiki's editors determine its content.

Generally in the Wiki World, any WikiUser can be a WikiEditor and thus edit any page but there may be exceptions determined by the WikiMaster or WikiAdmins, for instance by requiring people to create an account to gain edit rights; and by protecting certain pages so they can be edited only by specific roles or users.

A WikiEditor is a type of WikiUser.

See WikiRoles for other roles related to Wikis.

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