Using Webauth to identify the users

The webauth Apache module, and any other apache authentication module should set $_SERVER[REMOTE_USER] once the user is authenticated.

E.g. to access the wiki directory Apache uses a module you have configured (basic auth via a .htaccess file, or auth via mod_webauth etc) challenges the user for a username and password, I think you will still need a users entry in the database.

so in approx line 808 in libs/Wakka.class.php

comment out the existing line and replace:

//      function GetUser() { return (isset($_SESSION["user"])) ? $_SESSION["user"] : NULL; }
		function GetUser() { return (isset($_SERVER["REMOTE_USER"])) ? $_SERVER["REMOTE_USER"] : NULL; }

Also comment out function GetUserName() and replace with
		function GetUserName() { $name=$_SERVER["REMOTE_USER"]; return $name;}

Still to do: user settings page has the username wrong
Still to do: You can edit pages fine, index pages works fine but recent pages says "There are no recently changed pages you have access to"
Still to do: It's not possible to delete a page using /delete - (this may just be me being thick)
Still to do: For "webauth" I also just need to make the logout redirect to a specific url e.g. https://webauth.mycompany.somewhere/logout which will kill the kerberos session.
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