Using the WayBack Machine

Several pages on this site contain (or contained) links to still-relevant pages that no longer exist, often because the domain has expired or (worse) since taken over by link farms to which we obviously don't want to link.

Whenever possible, we try to replace these still-relevant links with (as much as possible) equivalent ones found on the WayBack Machine AKA the Internet Archive. It is a great resource for making long-"lost" pages still available and useful.

Do note that pages there are essentially static: search functionality won't work, downloads usually are not available (only linked HTML pages) and functionality like a WikiPing server won't be available either - all you can see is the static content of a web page that once was.

Where page on this site was changed with links now pointing to pages on the WayBack Machine and this may cause confusion, we try to leave a note what has happened, and why. References to original authors of WakkaWiki on the (original) WakkaWiki site have all been changed without such a note, as it seems obvious enough.
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