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I created this page to list proposals about formatters that might be implemented in future Wikka releases.
Feel free to add your ideas/comments.


Modifies data before it goes into the database, adding signatures, typographical sharpness and ensuring all ampersands are properly escaped.
See PreFormatter
-- IanAndolina

Inline comments formatting

See InlineCommentFormatter
-- DarTar

User-oriented formatters

Beside better formatters for tabular data (see below) I think it's time to consider implementing some features that are largely requested by wiki users: footnotes and tables of content. (see below the discussion on named anchors)

Table formatters

A good wikka syntax for tabular data is IMO one of the top priorities for future Wikka development. Some WikkaTables ideas have already been suggested.

More <div> formatters

I find quite limiting that Wikka only includes formatters for flush-left and flush-right divs. I would like to see a larger set of formatters, that - in association with CSS selectors - might be used to output absolute-positioned divs, bordered divs, divs with different degrees of padding/margin etc.

System formatters


It might be interesting - in the spirit of the {{lastedit}} and {{version}} action - to have a set of formatters for printing specific system-related information (GmBowen has also recently suggested something in this lines). I am not sure, though, whether this function should be implemented as a set formatters or as an action.

It would be nice to have in page linking so you can jump directly to a section of a page in the format PageName#Section you could then reuse the Wacko {{ancher}} action to inset the code.

I think that the current forced link formatter should be improved to allow GET parameters, anchors and titles to be parsed as part of valid internal links.

For example it would be nice if we could not only use forced links like:
[[HomePage Internal forced link]]
[[http://www.google.com External forced link]]
but also the following:

[[HomePage (? "par1=ba,par2=bo") Internal forced link]]
[[HomePage (# "this") Internal forced link]]
[[HomePage (§ "This is a link to the HomePage") Internal forced link]]

But I don't have a clue on how to modify the current formatter to send to the Link() function all this stuff.

Might be relevant for the present discussion: MeatBall:CleanLinking

-- DarTar

Superscript annd subscript (<sup>/<sub>)
Ticket:160 (text higher or lower in the line than normal)

There are only simple changes needed to add wikka-formatters for superscript and subscript text; the bigger problem are the markup-formatters:
- for superscript: ^^ (seems most logical)
- for subscript: vv (would be logical, but perhaps problematic?) ?? and ?? are unused, but are no logical choice.

Anyway, changes necessary to formatters/wakka.php (with ^^ and vv):
add to the list of static variables (after trigger_center = 0;)
        static $trigger_sup = 0;
        static $trigger_sub = 0;

add after if ($trigger_bold % 2) echo('</strong>');
            if ($trigger_sup % 2) echo '</sup>';
            if ($trigger_sub % 2) echo '</sub>';

change the long line a little below to:
            $trigger_bold = $trigger_center = $trigger_floatl = $trigger_inserted = $trigger_deleted = $trigger_italic = $trigger_keys = $trigger_sup = $trigger_sub = 0;

add after the //center block:
        // higher text
        else if ($thing == "^^")
            return (++$trigger_sup % 2 ? "<sup>" : "</sup>");
        // lowered text
        else if ($thing == "vv")
            return (++$trigger_sub % 2 ? "<sub>" : "</sub>");

and finally change the line with #Wiki Markup (near the end) to:
    "\*\*|\'\'|\#\#|\#\%|@@|::c::|\>\>|\<\<|&pound;&pound;|&yen;&yen;|\v\v|\^\^|\+\+|__|<|>|\/\/|". # Wiki markup

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