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Some preliminary ideas for an improved UserSettings panel.
Feel free to add content/suggestions.

The issues I'd like to address in this page are the following:
  1. What options should be user-configurable?
  1. For each option, how should Wikka store it?
  1. How should user options be arranged/grouped/displayed in the UserSettings page?

I also propose that we keep the login/logout interface separate from the user settings page.

Preliminary list of user-configurable options

References: See Guideline 10 / Checkpoint 10.1 at:

UserSettings panel design

After you've added your suggestions in the list above, please edit accordingly the source of this sample HTML form

    1. You can't live in Nepal (not all time zones have whole or half hour offsets!)
    1. Date and time format should be separate; with an extra field to indicate order
    1. Configuration should have the (ISO) defaults, overridable by WikiAdmin
    1. No dropdowns for format, but text entry fields, with an explanation (help window) for formats
    1. Move the "Server time is 12-26-2004 20:50:45 (UTC)" example to below the date & time settings (and make it) so you can see the effect of the formats chosen (after update)

User Settings

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  Server time is 12-26-2004 20:50:45 (UTC)
Date format
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