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Good Traits

Bad Traits

* How effective is the site in providing information? It is informational. There is an alphabetical index where you can search features available for your wiki and also lists the other wikki's. Under documentation it lists what a wiki is and how to create them. It has many different features you can add to your wikki and how to do it with examples of how it should look for it to work.

Our Opinions

Marissa Henrikson
I believe this wiki site has many strong points but also has some weak points. I don't believe the way the information is laid out is conducive to easy navigating. It is hard to find things and to remember where things are because all of the links are embedded into the text. The page has a lot of content and is informational, but it takes time to figure out where everything is. It has a lot of features and is very fast to load.

Erika Krause
I believe that this wikki site could be a much stronger site. There are plenty of useful features but it the design that needs work to make it more effective. If it was laid out differently, such as the embedded links, the site would be a better site to make wikki's. If the wikki had better organization on the page it would be easier to find what you are looking for. I do really like the section that explains to you how to create a wikki and why you would want one in the first place. Also there are so many features that this site offers for your wikki and they are easier to place in your wikki. All in all it is a good site, just needs some work to make it better.

Jacob Parker
As far as this Wiki relates and compares to alternative Wiki sites (from both my personal opinion, and those shared among users of the WikkaWiki community) it is evident that it is among the most functional and user friendly. I also feel, however, that WikkaWiki, like most of its competitors, makes its interface very unapproachable by those who are unfamiliar with what a Wiki actually is and what it can be used for. WikkaWiki does seem to be alot faster than other Wikis, however. Apparently this is due to the fact that it is written in PHP, a "lighter-weight" system of coding than that employed by other Wikis.

Shane Finn
This Wiki is not user friendly, organized, or easy for me to navigate. It took awhile for me to even figure out how to make a user name so it is not easy to register. Also you must download software which is just unnecessary compared to other wiki sites. There are many options and abilities this site offers, but they seem hard to use. The most important functions in my opinion should be how easy the wiki is to use and how easy it is to get registered. That's why I recommend Google Documents instead of this wiki. Everyone is already registered since everyone already has a Gmail account and its very easy to use. There are also many other options that come with Google such as the ability to upload documents, live chat with Gmail, and of course the ease of communicating via email as well as the wiki.

Some general notes...(taken directly out of context from IndependentWikkaReviews user reviews)
Features that make Wikka Wiki a winner:

(Many users compare WikkaWiki to MediaWiki, claiming it to contain a lot less "fluff" and more functional tools.)

"I have found that the RSSfacilities built into Wikka Wakka Wiki is really useful!"

"It has all the features that I wanted without feeling like it is bloated like MediaWiki"

"[M]y first wiki was MediaWiki, and I just decided it was.. 'too much'. I wanted something that was easier, cleaner interface, and where new users with something to say would be more likely to add content and ended up with WikkaWiki (Jason Rahaim∞)"

"Wikka is an Wiki written in PHP with some great features:
PHP and MYSQL make it lightweight and fast. (Okay so that’s propaganda from the website but it really is great.)
Page level security so you can determine which pages can be viewed and edited by others.
Like other Wikis it uses the CamelCase syntax for links to other pages but it also has some neat tricks for creating elements like lists, horizontal bars, etc.
Its functionality can be extended using plugins called actions. People have written actions to display rss feeds and calendars among others."
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