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===Table of Contents===

I've just removed the code. This code derived from CitiWiki (with some modifications made by me), a WakkaWiki fork licensed under the BSD license. The TableOfContentsPseudoAction was originally developed by Costal Martignier for [[ | CoMaWiki]], which is release under a non-free license.
Since I used that code for [[ | UniWakka]] I decided to contact Costal for information about its origin, and he told me he did not give permission to the CitiWiki developers to use it.

I'm ashamed, but I hope you'll understand I was in good faith.

Costal will probably give me permission to use it but I would suggest not to include it in any WakkaWiki fork until the issue has been totally clarified.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Free software is incopatible with copyright violations.

--AndreaRossato - 2004-08-05


Costal Martignier, developer of [[ | CoMaWiki]], gave me express permission to use its code and release it with [[ | UniWakka]] under the BSD license.

- So, where is the code for Wikka?



Hello Andrea,
Thanks a lot for this code, it's quite a cool feature.
Just one point : there is a problem with the anchors under Mozilla. Indeed, as there is in your code no pages stated in URLs (just "#"), the links included in the TOC are like this : http://myhost/mywikipath/#2, and this doesn't works under Mozilla [FireFox, aso], as it brings you on the anchor #2 of the main page in "mywikipath". You have rather to create full links http://myhost/mywikipath/wikka.php?wakka=MyCurrentPage#2 (for example with the REQUEST_URI variable from HTTP_SERVER_VARS, that works fine)


You should remove the following line:
<base href="<?php echo $site_base ?>" />
from actions/header.php. This is causing the problem.


If anybody cares, I have added my TOC addition here: SimpleTableOfContents
It should address the # issue without removing the base tag.

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