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I would like to collect on this page some thoughts about the development of advanced tools (a sort of API) to allow syndication of content and/or structure of a wiki.

There are already several ways of syndicating the content of a wiki running on Wikka:

A Wikka API
It would be interesting to explore the possibility of extending these tools to include other handlers, producing output in different formats (RDF, RSS, MM, raw text) to be used by external sites or services to syndicate the content of a wiki.

A simple application: automatically checking for updates
An action to automatically check for available upgrades only requires two simple pieces of code. On the server side, we just need a simple handler to output the version number of the latest stable package as raw text. From the client side, we need an action that connects to the Wikka server, retrieves the latest version number and compare it with the one of the engine running locally. If the local package is outdated, then an upgrade information box is displayed, along with automatically generated links. One can certainly provide more server-side information to be used by client wikis, e.g. a direct download link to the package in different formats, a link to the changelog or the "what's new" page. This would require a more flexible output format (XML) on the server side.

An example of advanced syndication between wikis
A particularly interesting case would be that of wikis syndicating information from each other.
Consider for instance a meta-wiki (A) collecting information from a number of child-wikis (B,C,D).
(A) might use dedicated actions to:
  1. connect "live" to (B), (C) and (D),
  1. retrieve information from each of them through the use of dedicate handlers,
  1. process, format and display such information "locally".
Now suppose (B), (C), and (D) possess a handler outputting a RSS feed with the number of new registered users per day during the last week. (A) could use an action to syndicate (B), (C) and (D), process the data available from such feeds, and use something like a built-in graphic class to output a chart comparing the evolution of the number of users for each of these wikis.

Possible applications
There are many possible uses of similar syndication tools to extract information from a wiki at different levels:

We just need to identify such uses and start designing dedicated tools.

Feel free to add here your thoughts/suggestions.

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