Simple Table markup for Wikka

This feature is under development and can be tested using the SVN trunk version. Note that the syntax for tables is likely to change until a stable version is released. Please do not invest much time in creating (advanced) tablemarkup yet!
  • To be included in 1.1.7.
  • For more information, see Ticket:230.
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I've hacked together a simple table markup for WikkaWiki; it is working it's way from a "layout" table markup to an accessible data table markup.

Currently it supports table header elements (<th>) and table data elements (<td>), cells spanning several columns and/or rows, table summary and caption, scope attributes for headers, table sections (<thead>, <tbody>, <tfoot>).


Basic Usage


||Row 1 Column 1||Row 1 Column 2||Row 1 Column 3||
||Row 2 Column 1||Row 2 Column 2||Row 2 Column 3||

The delimiter is two pipes (||).


"Advanced" Usage


|?This is a token summary, must be first line in table markup. PS is between single pipes!|
|!|The Caption||
|=|First Column|=|Second Column||
||First datacell||Second Datacell||
|2|A datacell spanning two columns||
|,2|A datacell spanning two rows||A cell on the right||
||Another cell on the right (due to previous rowspan'd cell)||
|=|First Column|=|Second Column||

Enhanced features are enabled by putting modifiers between the pipes.


Known Issues

Ending the table with a || delimiter without a newline adds another cell/column. (ie: if there is no more content after the table, or if there is a space after the delimiter).


I want input on bugs/issues - and on wanted functionality / suggestion on the markup.


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