Wikka Server Problems

Page generation times are again awfully long: some pages take several seconds to load, even after DSN lookup has been disabled. I guess this is related to code changes in the engine running the website (when I last reported the problem, the website was still hosted at jsnx.com, so this shouldn't depend on a hosting problem).

Browsing the Wikka website as an unregistered user has become again painfully slow. This morning I scored the following record for when anonymously accessing RecentChanges:
Page was generated in 100.2034 seconds

It's very likely that the problem is caused by the DNS lookup activated for unregistered users (see ExtremeSlownessWorkaround), but we can't exclude other causes at the moment.
A temporary solution against this problem consists in registering a free account.
We hope to fix this annoying problem as soon as possible, thanks for your understanding.
-- DarTar

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