I'm no native English speaker. Sorry in advance for possible unintelligible/opaque writings. Feel free to ask me.

Private Wiki

I use WikkaWiki as my PrivateWiki (some may call it PersonalWiki). It servers as a notebook, To-do list, PIM (Personal Information Manager), it organizes my information and knowledge, it's a place where I write down my ideas. It's an archive - for information I don't want to lose/get lost and for information, that may be of use to me in the future.

Why WikkaWiki as private wiki?
I searched a long time for a Free/Libre Open Source wiki, that can be installed on a shared hosting LAMP, and that is suitable for my purpose (to use it as a PrivateWiki). WikkaWikki is far away to be a perfect solution, but it seemed to be the best what I could get. So I started my first private wiki with WikkaWiki. If there is a better private wiki software out there, please drop me a note. Until that, I try to get a long with WikkaWiki.

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